Kelly clarkson

I just came back from the Kelly Clarkson concert with TJ. Here are some notes.

There are certain types of people that go to Kelly Clarkson show in the Bay Area: Really, REALLY gay men, eleven year old girls wearing t-shirts with adorable iron-on photos of Kelly, with words like "KELLY ROCKS" drawn in puffy paint, drunk women in their early 30's wearing ironic cowboy hats and tube tops. (And of course, there is me, someone who can appreciate a good pop concert, American Idol watching non-withstanding, of course.)

Dear homeboy doing your thug-life stroll with a beer in your hand trying to look all hard: YOU'RE AT A KELLY CLARKSON CONCERT.

The two guys sitting next to us were older queens in their mid to late 30's. They were double fisting cosmo's in each hand and talked too-loud about how it was going to be like the Madonna concert and how they wished Kelly had a section "for the bois." And while this conversation would be apropo for a Madonna concert, the fact that they were gushing and being fabulous while sitting next to two Filipino eight year olds just made everything A-OK in my book.

The woman sitting in back of us was telling her friend that two girls in front of her got into a catfight while ordering her diet coke. A part of me wishes it was a bigger fight, so Dennis Richmond from the 10 o'clock news could say the sentence, "tragedy struck Mountain View tonight as rioting broke out inside the Kelly Clarkson concert." There would be video of 10 year olds beating each other with lawn chairs and older gay men throwing hissy fits because someone spilled a cocktail on their Prada shoes. That would rock.

While a big part of the show was people watching, make no mistake: Kelly Clarkson can sing, and she can sing really well. There's absolutely no Ashley Simpson-esque about Kelly Clarkson - no costume changes, no dance numbers, just some excellent singing.

And of course, the absolute highlight of the evening. So, the two queens next to us get up and get drinks - "it's from her new album, that's the best time to get drinks, right?" And we're in Section 201, behind the disabled seats - not the farthest seats back, but obviously not front row tickets, either. What we didn't know is that Kelly does two songs in the middle of audience, and she comes up NO LESS THAN TEN FEET AWAY FROM US. Seriously, an arms length away. Suddenly, a mass of screaming teenagers and kids with eager parents and gays are running up, jumping over rows of chains, all for a chance to see Kelly Clarkson up close and personal. And the two gays next to us missed their chance, because they were out getting more cosmos. Which is too bad. But hysterical.

So yeah, it was a good night. That is all.