Succulent in its poultricid

My first five days living in San Francisco thus far have been nice. Since I'm living in the Twin Peaks area of San Francisco where there seems to be this perpetual blanket of fog, it's twenty to thirty degrees cooler than the sweltering condo in Fremont, where there is no A/C. My dad's currently living there, patiently waiting for me to call the cable company so that he can have his Chinese language cable channels, playing golf in his spare time, and praying every night that he somehow finds a Penthouse in the back corner of a bedroom closet.

After living in what seemed like a suburban isolated lifestyle for two or three years, I've moved to the city and have ironically ended up playing World of Warcraft three out of the four nights I've been here. The only difference is that now I'm at someone elses house playing World of Warcraft. But that, amazingly, makes all the difference.

It feels a little bit like a vacation, and I can accept that. Taking a vacation from myself. Yeah, that sounds just about right.

Oh yeah, and moving up here gives me blog fodder.

(The scene: My first full day in the city. Eric and Jason are in Bernal Heights, on their way to a Thai restaurant. We pass by a chicken place.)